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As an indie artist for over 10 years I have learned a lot of hard lessons and had the opportunity to work with some amazing mentors.  This show will focus on giving back to the indie community and help others navigate the ever changing waters in the music industry. I will share a bit of what I've learned and introduce you to some knowledgeable and talented people that will help you grow your craft. 


We all have health challenges at times.  Mine have definitely defined what I could do and accomplish at times.  Through these challenges I have become very focused on wellness and being the healthiest me possible.  On I Eat Vibes for Breakfast, we will chat about self care and learn from each other.


The Tea - I Eat Vibes For Breakfast Podcast Episode 1

The Tea - I Eat Vibes For Breakfast Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of I Eat Vibes for Breakfast! On this episode, your host Juliana Hale shares her tea of the day and her story. Juliana has been an independent artist since 2017-2018 and has opened for Snoop Dogg and Mariana’s Trench, played festivals like Common Ground and Numbers Fest, and worked with producers, songwriters, vocal coaches, and more. She splits her time between Nashville and Tampa and is currently filming in Florida for this podcast. She is inspired by a girl she heard at EDC Las Vegas who said “we can’t keep eating vibes for breakfast”. This episode focuses on Juliana’s journey as an artist and provides insight into the music industry. Juliana’s tea of the day is Bengal Spice Celestial Seasonings from Trader Joe’s. It has master notes of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves, and is a caffeine free version of a traditional Indian brew. Future episodes will have a new tea of the day, interviews with choreographers, producers, vocal coaches, and music admin supervisors, solo episodes, and topics on music and entertainment news. Story notes: * Juliana Hale's Background * What the Podcast is All About * Bengal Spice Celestial Seasonings for the Tea of the Day * Podcast Episodes Release Day * Guests of the Show * The Podcast name inspiration To learn more about Juliana, visit: Master Link to All Pages: Social Media Instagram: TikTok: YouTube: Visit Our Website:

Hosted by Juliana Hale, the I Eat Vibes for Breakfast podcast dishes timely lifestyle and entertainment happenings plated with humor and a dash of serious food for thought about today’s culture and society. This show will chronicle music industry professionals’ stories of trials and tribulations that led them to their road called success and the tools that keep them energized. Entertainment news as a whole will also make its way to the plate. The table would not be fully set without Hale’s illuminating take on the latest trends in fashion, makeup and travel. Bring your favorite cup of tea, sip with your host and feel the Vibes while listening to engaging conversations. Learn more at

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Hosted by Juliana Hale

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